In an emergency dial 111



We are located on Level 1 of 50 The Terrace, Wellington Central, Te Whanganui-a-Tara | Wellington

Our building is situated behind 44 The Terrace, next to Mayfair House, and there are two entrances to us:


Enter at 44 The Terrace, pass through the foyer and follow signs down a small set of stairs for 50 The Terrace. A staircase and elevators to Level 1 are at the end of the hallway.


Enter via the side entrance by coming down the driveway between 40 and 44 The Terrace. On your left will be glass sliding doors, and turning right inside these will bring you along a hallway with a staircase and elevators at the end to bring you up to Level 1.


If you have a wheelchair or mobility scooter or are unable to use stairs, you will need to visit us by using our side entrance – see ENTRANCE 2 above. 

Temporary parking is available in the area right outside the glass sliding doors. As our building is shared with other businesses and organisations there may at times be limited space here, so please give us a call if you have any trouble and we can assist you. 

If you need help getting up to us from the ground floor please call reception. One of our friendly staff can either lend you an arm or bring you up in our wheelchair depending on what you need. 


Due to our location we do not have our own parking lot. If you are driving in then please give yourself extra time to find nearby parking and be aware that inner city parking options can be very limited. 

If you use a mobility scooter or wheelchair or have limited mobility, please read the accessibility information.