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Oestradiol patch supply issues

Unfortunately, Pharmac continues to face supply issues for oestradiol patches and their availability remains limited. The latest update on the supply situation is available here on the Pharmac website. This includes information on availability of various patch strengths and various brands. 

You may be informed by your pharmacy that they have limited or no stock of oestradiol patches. Supply issues are expected to be ongoing throughout 2024 and into 2025. 

You may also find that your pharmacy charges you for patches if you need more than the 8 patches per month limit (e.g. if you need more patches of a lower strength to make up your usual strength) or that they need you to get a new prescription from your GP if they need to change your patch strength. 

If your usual pharmacy cannot provide the patches you need, you may need to call around other pharmacies to check if they have stock before asking your GP to send your prescription there.

Your doctor and other staff here do not know which pharmacies do and don't have stock - plus pharmacy stock levels will change rapidly. 

We realise this is a frustrating situation and we appreciate your understanding.