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New RSV vaccine available for 60+ year olds

Arexvy, a vaccine protecting against RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), is now available in Aotearoa NZ and we are offering it here at the practice. 

  • Arexvy is available for people aged 60 years and older only 

  • Arexvy is not funded for anybody

  • The current price for it here is $423.50 total ($379.00 for the vaccine + $44.50 for the nurse appointment/injection fee)

  • The vaccine must be paid for on the day of your appointment 

  • Only 1 dose is needed currently

You can visit Healthify for more information on RSV and for more information on the Arexvy vaccine, including information on vaccine safety and who Arexvy is recommended for. You can also visit The Immunisation Advisory Centre for more information. 

Due to its cost we will not be keeping any spare stock of this vaccine at the practice -- so please be aware that you will need to book at least a week ahead of your vaccination so that we have time to order the vaccine in for you. 

Please call our reception on 04 472 4266 if you would like to book a nurse appointment for vaccination, and be sure to let them know that you're wanting to receive Arexvy/the RSV vaccine.