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Insight into the pressures on general practice

A recent article from Stuff illuminates the ongoing pressures faced by general practice and by GPs themselves as demand for GP services continues to increase both in quantity and complexity. It's worth taking the time to read. 

GPs throughout Aotearoa face immense strain and the risk of burnout. When you read that, for example, many full-time GPs who own their own practices are spending 10-20 hours per week on admin work on top of 40 hours per week of patient-facing time, and doing a great deal of this work either unpaid or underpaid, you may have a better understanding of why there can be long waits for appointments or delays in completing paperwork.

Like many other practices across the motu, here at The Terrace we are doing our best to look at how we can support our GPs to ensure they can continue providing quality care to our patients while dealing with manageable workloads - and as always, we appreciate the ongoing support and understanding of our patients.