In an emergency dial 111


GPs on leave in Feb & March

We’re going to be short-staffed with our GPs through February and March as multiple doctors are away on leave.

Please take note of the leave time for your regular GP:

  • Dr Julian Foster: 05 Feb to 14 Feb (back on Thurs 15 Feb)

  • Dr Theo Meijer: 02 Feb to 26 Feb (back on Tues 27 Feb)

  • Dr Martin Harris: 04 Mar to 15 Mar (back on Mon 18 Mar)

Please be prepared to see a different doctor if your usual GP is unavailable when you need to be seen.  

While Dr Foster and Dr Meijer are on leave we still have Dr Martin Harris and Dr Roger Jubert available.

While Dr Harris is on leave Dr Roger Jubert will be covering some of his clinics, and Dr Foster and Dr Meijer will also be available again.

Additionally, Dr Brenda Gibson isn’t away on leave over this period but she is very booked up currently; if you are unable to see her as soon as you would like then you may need to see one of our other doctors.

Please bear with us as there may be a delay in some services such as providing prescriptions, medical certificates, completed forms, etc. while we have less doctors available. 

If you know you will need to be seen for something - such as a prescription renewal, certificate renewal, driving license medical, etc. - then we recommend that you call us or use MMH to book your appointment well ahead of time