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Funded shingles vaccine for 65 year olds

Shingrix available free to those aged 65 years

Turning 65? Or about to turn 66? Consider booking in for your FREE Shingrix vaccination. Shingrix is the shingles vaccine used in Aotearoa since 2022 and is available for free while you're aged 65 years only. 

Two doses of Shingrix are required, given 2-6 months apart, and both doses are free to you as long as you receive the first dose while aged 65 years. Even if you received Zostavax previously (the shingles vaccine used in Aotearoa before 2022) you can still receive your funded Shingrix vaccinations while aged 65 years. 

Shingrix is a significantly more effective shingles vaccine compared to Zostavax: it is about 90% effective in preventing shingles, and about 90% effective in preventing postherpetic neuralgia (ongoing nerve pain) if you do get shingles. Clinical trials have demonstrated that its effectiveness declines only as low as 80% more than seven years post-vaccination. 

People aged 50-64 years or 66+ years can purchase the Shingrix vaccine if you wish - but as this is not funded for you, the cost per dose is currently $404.00. 

You can read more about Shingrix here and here.   

Please call reception on 04 472 4266 to book a nurse appointment if you would like to receive your next dose of Shingrix - or select our nurse line if you have any queries.